drawing to music

i also used paint for this journal.


Whats going on out there?

the lamborghini the is made out of cardboard and looks unbelievably realistic, how crafty can a person get. he could probably sell that for more than a thousand dollars. This blows my mind cause cardboard is difficult to work with.



Outdoor photo

I took pictures of many things considered nature. when i came across an iguana perched at the top of a fairly small tree. it was just sitting there just enjoying life and not panicing or naything. I found that beautiful and serene. the bright green colors with the sky in the in the back. doesnt get much more better than that.

Google art project (spring night, harlem river)

This art work by ernest lawsonis very vivid and rigid at the same time. the color scheme focuses on cool colors. giving the feeling of coold winter time. i wouldnt want to juhmp in that water. There is a lack of realism as the details are not very sharp, but you can tell that it is a bridge over water with a village of some sort at the bottom of the hill across the way.